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Transforming Leadership

Programme Summary

Transforming Leadership is a programme for emerging learning disabled and autistic leaders, the first of its kind and one that we hope will be the first of many similar programmes.

The programme sees learning disabled and autistic leaders employed in positions across all aspects of theatre making including as theatre directors, workshop facilitators, digital content creators, and trustees.

A few years into the programme now, Transforming Leadership has proven to be a force for positive change.

There have historically been very few bespoke leadership development programmes for learning disabled and autistic creatives and little shared understanding of how to create accessible environments where leaders can thrive. So we aim to change that! We want to see an arts sector that expects and encourages learning disabled and autistic people to take up leadership roles.

Programme Aims

Through the Transforming Leadership programme we are:

  • Radically transforming the leadership potential of learning disabled and autistic arts leaders
  • Developing sector-wide infrastructure that supports learning disabled and autistic leadership
  • Upskilling existing executive leadership across the arts, improving organisational accessibility


After a first successful round with our Transforming leadership London, which is ongoing, we’ve gone national to take this change across the country. Learn more about the different stages of our programme.