Co-Creation – Access All Areas


We make shows. We’re a company of learning disabled and autistic artists with stories to tell, and years of experience in helping to shape scripts.

If you want to create a script that includes learning disabled or autistic stories, our Associate Artists can co-create with you to make sure lived experience is involved throughout the process.

Co-creation of scripts

We facilitate an accessible Writers’ Room to ensure learning disabled and autistic talent can work effectively with experienced writers.

In this process, we:

  • facilitate an accessible, creative, and dynamic writers’ room.
  • engage learning disabled and autistic creatives to work alongside neurotypical writers and producers to workshop characters and storylines.
  • bring a broad range of learning disabled and autistic experience to represent the wider community and avoid stereotypes.
  • support early casting and facilitate learning disabled and autistic actors to take part in Writers’ Rooms, so that the script can be developed with actors’ performance styles in mind.
  • collaborate on the scripting process through to commission.
  • advise on script adaptations to suit actors during filming if needed.
  • offer advice during the edit.
  • Train production teams and support talent to make sure the process is accessible and inclusive form start to finish.

More examples of our work

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