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Spinning Wheel

Welcome to Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel is a sensory movement and music project for adults with complex needs.

We use music and movement to create sessions that bring enjoyment, engagement and creativity and promote communication and partnership between participants and carers.

Spinning Wheel sessions are currently taking place online as 1:1 Zoom workshops. Our expert facilitators provide movement and music activities via Zoom, as well as training carers and family members in Spinning Wheel techniques to use at home.

Spinning Wheel in your home or college

We can bring Spinning Wheel to you.

We will work with you to create a bespoke programme in your school, college, day centre or care home.

Projects are designed to meet participants’ needs and encourage communication, creativity and connection between participants and staff.

Please contact sophie@productions.aaaservices.uk for more information.

Q & A

Who is it for?

Adults with complex needs (sometimes called profound and multiple learning disabilities).


Online sessions can be booked at a time that suits you. Each session lasts 2 hours.

Where does it take place?

Online, via Zoom

How much does it cost?

Spinning Wheel Online sessions are free, but spaces are limited.

Priority will be given to participants who are shielding/unable to leave home.

How do I book a session?

Contact Sophie by:

Phone 07805 490878
or Email sophie@productions.aaaservices.uk

Meet the team

Our practitioners come from a range of backgrounds, generally focused on drama, dance and music.

Spinning Wheel sessions are led by facilitators including Susanna, Alice, Jessie and Alice.