Winged – Access All Areas
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A Black Cab Company production

Dates and Venues

Hackney Showroom

About the production

What does it mean to be talented? 

Why do some people see ugliness where others see beauty? 

How do you make yourself seen? 

Join Icarus as he tries to fly too high in a world that doesn’t believe he has wings.

Working with renowned musician John Kelly, Access All Areas’ Black Cab Company of local learning disabled artists take us on a journey of everyday beauty, waking dreams, and fantastical reality, challenging how our world understands beauty and talent.


  • Storyteller Rufaro Asuquo
  • Storyteller Tyson Bushe
  • Storyteller Rachael D’Arcy
  • Storyteller Kirsty Liddell
  • Icarus Nathan Babb
  • Icarus Alex Buga
  • Icarus Ben Caffrey
  • IcarusLuke Fox
  • DadDeen Hallisey
  • Dream VoicePaul Christian
  • Dream VoiceMark Forbes
  • Dream VoiceNathan Hylton
  • Dream VoiceJolene Sampson
  • Dream VoiceJoe Spencer
  • Dream VoiceHarvey Waterman
  • Mr PhilipPhilip Yeboah
  • Art Student John Danielson Fuller
  • Art Student Tom Rees

Creatives & Crew

  • Director Helen Bryer
  • Assistant Director Charlene Salter
  • Project Coordinator Alex Covell
  • Designer Lisa Ducie
  • Composer John Kelly
  • Lighting Designer Kiaran Kesby
  • Wing Construction Ellen Gould
  • Film Editor Sona Maletzova
  • Production Manager Crin Claxton
  • Producer Patrick Collier
  • Assistant Producer Catherine Colbourne
  • Creative Collaborator / Art Student Olivia Davis
  • Creative Collaborator/ Teaching Assistant Lauren Norman-Mercer
  • Creative Collaborator/Dream Voice Rosie Young
  • Creative Collaborator / StorytellerKrystina Robinson
  • Creative CollaboratorJonathan Gunning
  • Creative CollaboratorChris Born
  • Creative CollaboratorJason Tan
  • Creative CollaboratorAmy Vinten