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VIP! A Very Impressive Party

VIP! A Very Impressive Party

A Black Cab Company production

Dates and Venues

Hoxton Hall

About the production

A very impressive party
with some
very important people
In a
very interesting performance…
the stage will be theirs!

Welcome to ‘VIP’!  A cabaret performance where we invite you to join us on the red carpet and celebrate our rich history, our 40th anniversary and our impressive present.

Our process began in October 2015 working with clowning techniques to find each performers’ true pleasure on stage.  From this starting point we were able to grow individual and group acts that capture each performers’ unique presence and state of joy on stage.

Take a walk down the red carpet and be part of this very impressive party.


  • WayneTyson Bushe
  • The Elastic Escapist Tracy Bytheway
  • Sunny Jordan Campayne
  • MC S’amore Perry Castro
  • Felipe the Philosopher Paul Christian
  • SebastianNathan Hylton
  • Diva Anita Anita Jacques
  • Dwayne Dayo Koleosho
  • Lady TomothyTom Rees
  • Mystic Misty Imogen Roberts
  • MollyKaren Robinson
  • As Herself Jolene Sampson
  • Bouncer 1 Jools Voce
  • Tree Anthony Warner
  • As HimselfHarvey Waterman
  • Caretaker Phillip Yeboah

Creatives & Crew

  • Director Ciara Brennan
  • Director Jools Voce
  • Production Manager Paul Kizintas
  • Set Designer Amanda Mascarenhas
  • Sound Designer Gary Day
  • Cherry/Costume Designer /Workshop Assistant Katie Farquhar
  • Rain/Access Worker Rachel Southern
  • Stretch the Assistant/Bouncer 2/Workshop Assistant Cecile Dumont
  • Polly/Workshop Assistant Millie Cooper
  • Workshop Assistant Jamie Rio