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Access Not Denied Series

Join Content Creator and host Cian Binchy in our new series ‘Access Not Denied’, launching as part of Learning Disability Week on June 17th.

Access Not Denied is an explainer series talking about all things learning disability, autism and the arts. 

It is co-written with Cian, produced by Hannah Dingle, and co-created with Access All Areas in-house team made up of industry experts and neurodivergent professionals with lived experience. 

This season he is debunking tired autistic media tropes, breaking down the social vs medical model of disability, simplifying how to make accessible performances and so much more….

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Learning Disabled and Autistic Icons

(in the British arts industry)



In line with this year’s Learning Disability Week theme, “Do You See Me?”, Cian introduces you to 10 learning disabled and autistic icons of the British Arts Industry.

This special episode of Access Not Denied is about learning disabled people being seen, heard, and valued.

Accessible performances

(for neurodivergent audiences)


There’s been a lot of talk in the news about content warnings in theatre.

Join Cian for this week’s Access Not Denied where he explains why content warnings, and a few other adjustments, can make a big difference for a lot of theatregoers.

Social vs Medical Model of Disability

(and what it might look like)



To celebrate Disability Pride Month, Cian brings you this hilarious explainer on the Social Model and Medical Model of disability.

In this episode, he breaks down what these models of disability look like in everyday situations and gives you a brief history of disability rights.

Autism Tropes

(in the Media)



We’re tired of seeing the same tired tropes about autism over and over again in the media.

Join Cian for a no-hold-barred episode of Access Not Denied, where he breaks down clichés about autism, how to spot them, and what we can do to overcome them.

Easy read


Written communication is a barrier for a lot of people – but does it really need to be that complicated?

In this episode, Cian shares his top tips on using “Easy Read” – an accessible way of formatting information for people who might not be as comfortable with written text.



Ever wondered what #ActuallyAutistic means on social media?

This episode of Access Not Denied explores one of the most popular neurodivergent hashtags, and why it’s important for autistic people to take control of their own narrative.

Accessible Co-creation

(with learning-disabled and autistic talent)


What does good representation look like? Is it enough to just put someone from the community on stage or on our screens, and say job done?

In this week’s episode Cian is discussing how to include professional learning disabled and autistic people in every step of the creative process.

Learning Disabled and Autistic Theatre Companies

(you should know about)


Learning Disabled and Autistic creative spaces are so important for our community. They give people somewhere to share lived experience and develop art with likeminded people.

Here, Cian shares some theatre companies for learning disabled and autistic people you should know about.

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